We Present WITH PRIDE our 2016 field show...


Featuring music from The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Captain America...

Please Take Note: All pre-game rehearsals are "dress rehearsals". Musicians must be in uniform pants/shoes and 'base layer' t-shirt. Color Guard members must be in full costume. Students who fail to dress for rehearsal or whose uniforms are not in presentable condition may not be allowed to perform.

- All Pre-Game Rehearals are dress rehearsals and begin promptly at 5pm.
- Students are asked not to leave the high school grounds between Pre-Game Rehearsals and March Down.
- March Down will take place promptly at 6:30 p.m. prior to all Home Football Games
- Students are to be in Full Marching Uniform until we return to the Band Room for Talk Down. ALL Uniforms are to be zipped, clipped, and velcroed for the ..full duration of all performances.
- Pants are to be clean and ironed for each performance
- Shoes are to be clean and polished for each performance
- Socks are to be the correct color (white for musicians, black for Color Guard) and above the ankle for all performances.
- Undergarments must be unobtrusive....i.e. unseen either through or protruding from beneath your uniform.
- Hats/Plumes are to be taken care of and kept in presentable condition at all times!
- ABSOLUTELY NO CELL PHONES are allowed in the stands at any games.
- There is ABSOLUTELY NO eating, drinking, smoking, swearing in uniform.
..Please remember that you are to be professional in thought, word, and deed when representing our organization.
- All Uniforms and Hats are to be stored properly after every performance.
  .... Uniform Tops - Hung neatly, zipped and clipped
  .... Hats - Stored on shelf or hung over back of hanger
   ....Pants/Shoes/etc. - Taken home and cleaned
* While all of our Band Families are welcome to escort us down to the field, we ask that only Marching Band Staff (w/ID's) enter through the side gate. Everyone else should use the Main Entrance.

Folios: The following tunes should be in your folio at all times. Please see your section leader or our Office Manager/Asst Manager if you are missing any of this music.

Halftime Set:
The Avengers
Hooked on a Feeling
Captain America March

Football Set:

Gonna Fly Now
Eye of the Tiger
Rain Chant
Get Down

Final Countdown
Seven Nation Army
Wild Night
Hit Me With Your Best Shot
We Will Rock You
Crazy Train
Carry On Wayward Son
Ants Marching
Enter Sandman
Shipping Up to Boston
Glory Days
Separate Ways
Shook Me All Night Long


Patriotic Set:
Star Spangled Banner (Concert Ab)
Battle Hymn/America
God Bless America

Graduation Set:
Pomp and Circumstance